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Utenzil mp3s and VSTs found only here, direct from the artist, free and legal
Creative Commons License This music free to share
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Music Sharing License
*Stienky Taisho:
An odd yet oddly popular MP3 download
*Free MP3 Grab Bag
Experimental musix and more, blurped up in yummy chunks

VST effects for windows-based computer musicalonians:
* XYMultiMunger-ns: dangerous munger VST, piles on layers of goo. Before downloading
be sure to read the license and readme
(done with Synthedit, when loaded into your host right click UI for add'l notes).
Experimental, as-is use at your own risk.

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this and other free VSTs here.
Done with Synthedit: You might like them, they are very simple.
Other things, not free, but inexpensive:
Utenzil shop, clothes and more
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